We are a business-led organisation. ICC members are our decision makers, technical experts, business ambassadors and representatives in international settings.

Members have first option on joining and supporting bespoke ICC activities and initiatives such as high-level campaigns, delegations, private round table events and high-level introductions. We also have wider Partnerships with organisations with whom we set up bespoke sponsorship agreements, reciprocal arrangements and collaborations.


Influence, Impartiality, Scale, Knowledge, Voice


Being a member of ICC means you are part of a vast global community of 6.5 million companies of all sizes and sectors in over 130 countries – the largest world business organisation. ICC is an international network of leading experts and world beating companies with unparalleled relationships to national and international policy makers and decision makers. We add to this with a UK business network which also covers over 130 countries and includes every British business group, UK embassy and trade team and every foreign embassy in the UK. Combined, this is a unique and powerful network of influence.

Representation & Perspective

We represent the business at inter-governmental level – at the United Nations, G20, World Trade Organization and other major international institutions and global events and offer a global perspective on business issues. We only focus on domestic policy when it relates to the implementation of global commitments or where national policy has international implications.


We are a self-regulator and promote best practice with access to 3,000 of the world’s leading technical experts. We provide the rules and guidelines that govern international business; Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Banking, Commercial Law and Practice, Competition, Anti-Corruption, Customs and Trade Facilitation, Digital, Energy and Environment, IP, Marketing, Tax, Trade and Investment.


ICC was founded in 1919, after WWI to establish an international rules-based framework for international business, promote prosperity and security. We have been championing responsible free trade for 100 years. We contributed to and supported the creation of the United Nations, the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the World Trade Organization that followed. ICC was awarded UN Observer Status to the UN General Assembly in 2016, having had UN Consultative Status from 1946 to 2016 and supports the role of the Bretton Woods institutions; the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. We were involved in G7 from its inception and the creation of Business 20 (B20) after the economic crisis. We have been a strategic partner in every G20 cycle since, providing continuity for business and supporting host governments.


We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the role of the World Trade Organization as the guardian of the rules based global trading system. We promote policies that support responsible free trade, access to finance, digital trade, dispute resolution, innovation, a level playing field and sustainability.

International Partnerships

We work with governments, national and international business groups and sector associations to provide a voice for business at inter-governmental level. ICC has always had a close working relationship with the British government, being a leading voice on free trade. We work closely with government on areas of shared interest and offer a route to decision makers through international channels.