Global influence

Global influence

10:31 27 October in ICC Articles

ICC has a long history of setting the business agenda on the international stage and championing trade as a powerful force for peace and prosperity. ICC was founded in the wake of World War I by far-sighted business leaders who called themselves “the merchants of peace.”

The mission of ICC today is more relevant than ever – to promote trade and investment across frontiers and help business meet the challenges and opportunities of globalization.

In today’s increasingly interdependent global economy, many of the major challenges, from strengthening the global economy to curbing climate change, require greater international cooperation among all the actors concerned  business, government, civil society and intergovernmental organizations.

ICC is uniquely placed to play a leading role on behalf of business, given its long experience in brokering consensus, its top-level consultative status with the UN, and close working relationship with the World Trade Organization and other important global bodies.

With members in more than 120 countries, ICC represents companies and business organizations of all sizes and in all regions of the world.

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