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ICC 2017 Arbitration Conference: Day Two

10:35 15 December in ICC Articles

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ICC 2017 Arbitration Conference: Day One

18:05 13 December in ICC Articles

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ICC 2017 Arbitration Conference: Gala Night

17:04 13 December in ICC Articles

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Directory of Members

22:54 30 November in ICC Articles

Directory of Members of ICC Nigeria Access Bank PLC Plot 999c, Danmole Street Off Adeola Odeku Victoria Island, Lagos Tel: 234-1-2712005-7; 4619264-9 www.accessbankplc.com   Acquire Management Resources Ltd 244B Brown Street Oke-Afa, Isolo,Lagos Tel : 234-8080545644   Adigun Ogunseitan & Co. 62 Allen Avenue Ikeja, Lagos Tel: 234-7098119266 www.aogunseitanlawng.com   AELEX 7th Floor, Marble House I, Alfred Rewane Road Falomo Ikoyi, Lagos Tel: 234-1-2793367-8; 4617321-2 www.aelex.com   Ajumogobia & Okeke Sterling Towers, 20,...

Global influence

10:31 27 October in ICC Articles

ICC has a long history of setting the business agenda on the international stage and championing trade as a powerful force for peace and prosperity. ICC was founded in the wake of World War I by far-sighted business leaders who called themselves “the merchants of...

Tools for Business

10:29 27 October in ICC Articles

ICC offers a wide selection of services and practical tools to facilitate business. Commercial Crime Services A range of services combating commercial crime, from fraud in international trade, insurance, financial instruments and shipping, to money laundering, maritime piracy, counterfeiting and intellectual property theft. Dispute Resolution Services Alternatives to litigation...

Benefit of Membership

10:27 27 October in ICC Articles

ICC members get access to the corridors of power. As ICC members, company executives are in contact with ministers and international officials at the heart of intergovernmental groups such as the G20 and United Nations. ICC members gain influence at the international and national level through...